Move for Hungarian Foodbank!

Would you like to run for a good case? Join our ambassadors!

Move, so others can eat!

In this year, we can run again as running ambassadors of Hungarian Food Bank Association in order to decrease food wasting and need!

We donate our movements to the Association, this year our goal is to collect the amount of money that covers the distribution of 10 000 food package, which costs 600 000 Forint. As we get and give food for free, from 1000 Ft, we can distribute food in a value of 30 000 Ft. 


We ask you to help to reach our common goal, decreasing food wasting and poverty!

Be our Ambassador!

Each of our Ambassadors campaigns on their own channel (FB, email, friends) with our help, and collects donations through the following crowdfunding page:

Hungarian Food Bank Association saves surplus food and passes it for the people in need.

Join us! Write to the email address or call at +36 30 194 02 88! We help to build up your campaign and discuss about the steps!

If you run, you can also join at the at of the campaign to our Running Ambassadors, who will be running in the colours of the Hungarian Foodbank Association on 15th of April on the 33. Telekom Vivicitta Spring Half Marathon

Distances you can run:

  • Half marathon
  • 10 km
  • 5 km

1/3 of the produced food is being eliminated, while hundreds of thousands are starving. Help us to give the food for the people in need!


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