Ádám Bölcs - founder, board member, vice president

Ádám Bölcs

founder, board member, vice president

The knowledge that hundreds of thousands people recieve food rescued by the Foodbank gives me lots of energy.
We were sure that we were starting something serious when we founded Hungarian Foodbank, but we didn’t expect such a fast and great developement. Thanks for the well-organized team, the dedicated volunteers and the generous donors.

Balázs Cseh - founder, board member, president

Balázs Cseh

founder, board member, president

We decided to establish this Food Bank because Hungary had not had a food bank before although there had been strong demand for it. Fortunately, it seems to be working very well.

I work here in the biggest part of my free time and still find it hard to believe how much satisfaction and motivation one can get from working as a volunteer in an excellent team.
Peter Horn - founder, board member, vice president

Peter Horn

founder, board member, vice president

I am really proud to be a part of this fantastic, value-adding initiative. With our joint efforts we can offer help for many people. The faith and commitment of the team behind Food Bank is the guarantee that we can help even more people in the future and this  great feeling means to me very much!

Peter Kramer  - founder, board member, vice president

Peter Kramer

founder, board member, vice president

I always thought it was important to help others and care for others not just myself. I am really happy to meet new people through the Food Bank and feel good about being able to give some help to others.
Antal Molnár - founder, board member, vice president

Antal Molnár

founder, board member, vice president

The reason why I like Food Bank is that it gives me the chance to use my networks effectively for a good cause. It really motivates me if I can participate in creating something new. Such opportunity rarely happens in life.


András Nagygyörgy - external relations director

András Nagygyörgy

external relations director

Even in the earlier stages of my professional career, I always dealt with charitable programs, I worked for NGOs supporting people living with disabilities and kids with serious illnesses. At the Hungarian Food Bank Association I would like to involve individuals and companies to join us, partner with us and donate to our goals: we can only succeed together in reducing food waste and fighting hunger.

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met.” William Butler Yeats

Szilvia Szabó - managing director

Szilvia Szabó

managing director

I searched for a good case which I could stand by as a volunteer. I chose Hungarian Food Bank, because their goals were smypathic, and they operate serious systems in order of transparency and equailty. After 1,5 years I got the chance to be the part of the organization as a managing director.  It's an exciting challenge to integrate and review my experience from for profit sector in the non-profit world.

Katalin Újhelyi - development director

Katalin Újhelyi

development director

I feel privileged to work at Food Bank – for such a good cause with such great people.

Staff and volunteer management team

Zsuzsa Csukás - project manager volunteer

Zsuzsa Csukás

project manager volunteer

I like to work in teams and invent new things. My current favourite bonmot is from the famous presentation of Simon Sinek: “'I have a dream', not 'I have a plan'”. If I believe in my business it takes me further than if I'm just just looking at it as a business plan…
Ferenc Durázi - storekeeper

Ferenc Durázi


It’s a great thing that I can meet those people on a daily basis, with whom we work together against food waste and hunger. It makes me feel good that I can contribute to this goal!
Balázs Fehér - office manager

Balázs Fehér

office manager

In the recent years I've tried myself in many areas in the world of work, but now I really feel like I'm in the right place. 

I am pleased to be able to use my years of administrative and IT experience together with a dedicated team for a good cause.

Zoltán Hábel - storekeeper

Zoltán Hábel


Those who give food and drink to people in need can only form a good team! I'm proud to belong here, too.

It’s a great feeling to go home at the end of the day knowing that I could help thousands of people in need with my work.

Henriett Hajnal - Donation coordinator

Henriett Hajnal

Donation coordinator

During my job searching I was looking for a job at a positive company, where our work is based on compassion and love, where I work for a good purpose. With God’s blessing I have found it. Here at Food Bank, we work to provide even better, more to the needy, by working together in a very good team.

Tibor Halmai - logistics coordinator

Tibor Halmai

logistics coordinator

The best part of this job is that I have the opportunity to help others and I also collect a lot of useful experience. And the greatest reward we get is the smile on the faces of the people and the hope in their eyes when they realise that they are not alone and there are people who want to help them. My motivation is to get the most and the best of what we have.
Eszter Horváth-Halmai - corporate fundraising leader

Eszter Horváth-Halmai

corporate fundraising leader

I wanted to work for a good cause that touches me all the way, mobilizes all the resources in me, and I can use my experience so far. This is the mission of the Food Bank. Seeing the direct value-creating results of the work is very motivating.

Alexandra Markovics - event coordinator

Alexandra Markovics

event coordinator

I have worked at restaurants both at home and abroad, and I was shocked by the scale of food waste. That made me join the team of the Hungarian Food Bank. At their KitCharity project I can stand up for sustainability and the zero waste philsophy, and even support people in need. Two worthy causes, one prefect match.

Edina Nagy - Donation coordinator

Edina Nagy

Donation coordinator

I am delighted to be part of a team whose main goal is to reduce food waste and thus protect our environment, our Earth.

As a donation coordinator, I will do my best to assist in this process.

Zsófia Schwikker - project manager

Zsófia Schwikker

project manager

Food is nurturing and connecting people as well. Food rescue is an old hobby of mine, and I am happy to use my project manager skills to support this good cause.

Veronika Szecsődi - founder, corporate contact person

Veronika Szecsődi

founder, corporate contact person

Those who get more must give back more to people who have no access to these opportunities. 

Orsolya Tánczos - event manager

Orsolya Tánczos

event manager

I wanted to work with sustainable catering and food saving. I found this in the Kicherity project of the Food Bank. I am happy that I can deal with things that fulfil me and my work contributes to the work of the association.

Jonatán Tiliczki - project manager

Jonatán Tiliczki

project manager

I deal with food rescue and distribution for a long time as a kind of hobby, thus it was a pleasure when I had the opportunity to work with the Hungarian Food Bank. I am glad to know the Hungarian non-profit organizations in profoundly and work with them everyday.


Supervisory Board

dr. József Antal - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

dr. József Antal

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Food waste is just one of the many stupidities of humanity, and at least something can be done about it. I find it motivating that the activities of the Food Bank are both aimed at contributing to sustainable development and helping families in need. Specific help for specific problems.

Krisztina Csáki - finance, controlling

Krisztina Csáki

finance, controlling

We have a committed and professional team working to save as much food from going to waste as possible and to give it those who most need it.
Judit Makray - project manager volunteer

Judit Makray

project manager volunteer

I decided to join the Food Bank because I could strongly relate to its basic idea of distributing surplus food to deprived people that makes it different from other NGOs that collect and distribute donations. Apart from having a good cause, it is also very important for me to contribute to our success by doing things that suit me and working in an inspiring team that help me enjoy my job. We successfully create value and we enjoy doing it and I feel proud to be part of it.

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