Cooperation for Companies

Why should you support Hungarian Food Bank Association?

Hungarian Food Bank Association is the only organization in Hungary, which is capable to support environmental protection and the life circumstances of the people in need at the same time. We provide an answer to one of the hottest questions of today: to food waste in a world where millions are starving. Thanks to receiving and re-sharing the unneeded food for free, your support multiplies. From a donation of the value of 10 000 HUF a 2-300 000 HUF value support can be given for the recipients.

Possibilities of Co-operation and connections

1. Financial support – What we ask for and what we give

a, in case of donation over 50 000-500 000 HUF

  • The name of the corporation is displayed on our website among our supporters
  • We provide a certification for tax reduction
  • When demanded, we provide a documentation of the impact of your donation, we provide data and photos for inner and outer communication.
  • We provide a personalized certification of your donation.

b, in case of a donation over 500 000 HUF

  • You can adopt a chosen region – we share the multiplied value of your donation in the region.
  • We communicate the program on our information channel, via our database and our Facebook page.
  • We make measurable and documentable reports at the end of the donation period (number of recipients, value and amount of the food shared). The results overreach the value of the support in every cases.
  • We display the name of the company among our Adopters on the website and also among our supporters.
  • We give a certification introducing the donations.
  • We provide a certification for tax reduction

c, Above 4  000 000 HUF: besides all of the above we frame a dedicated CSR program in connection with the work of the Hungarian Food Bank Association, taking the work of the company into consideration as far as it is possible.

Fitting to the CSR strategy of the company, we start a cooperative program, which utilizes the country-wide contacts of Hungarian Food Bank Association (together with our partners we are present on 750 town strata in Hungary). We combine the CSR strategy, aims and resources of the company and we build a common CSR project together.

2. Support in-kind

We are happy to accept any supplies or products which help us to do our jobs on an everyday basis. In this case we provide a certification of the tax reduction in the value of the donation.

Our aim

Beside the donation, we try to build a cooperation with the supporting companies, which has further contact points too. One of this is organization of teambuilding activities, during which the employees of the company have an opportunity to take part in the work of the Food Bank. In the program they can get to know the functions of the Bank, they can have more information about our job against food waste and support the people in need. We try to organize our volunteering activities to fit to the need of the companies. These opportunities help the engagement of the employees of the company, and help to integrate the responsible work in the level of employees as well.

3. CRM – Cause Realated Marketing

Make a donation by involving your customers and procurers. Select one of your product, from the price of which you donate a certain sum to the Food Bank (even 10-20 Ft is ok). According to several studies, the reaction of the consumers is positive to these kinds of campaigns, so, besides supporting a good aim trough your sales work, even you positive image is strengthened in your clients.

Programs to our supporters involving the employees

Our aim is that, when there is a will on the side of the donating company, to involve the employees of the association to the work of the Food Bank as well to strengthen the relationship between the employees and association, and their engagement to the firm.

Donation programs to Hungarian Food Bank Association

a, Eat to make a good deed! – cookie sale in the company or organization of a cafeteria week.

b, Move for Hungarian Foodbank – invitation of the company’s team to a charity run.

c, Christmas Food Collection – collecting long-life food for people in need in one of the supermarkets of Auchan, METRO, Penny Market or Tesco, which are transported to the selected charity organization by the team.

d, Kitcherity – charity cooking, which is available in every forms of catering (corporate retreat, family weekend, teambuilding). The income of this is used sheer for charity, as Food Bank helps to people in need by the help of this. There is NO waste, no food is thrown away on your company’s program – Food Bank ensures it to be used for charity.

Volunteer Days

As a part of our volunteering activities. We are happy to welcome guests in our center, where they can gain information about the work of Food Bank. As a result of this we hope that they are going to be more responsible food consumers in their own environments too.

Volunteering opportunities: making food packs, labelling, gardening.


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