Support us with 1% of your income tax

Why us?

  • we collect surplus food from producers and distributors
  • we save products with an approaching expiration date from becoming waste on a daily basis
  • we provide food for app. 300 000 people in need with the help of hundreds of NGOs and municipalities
  • we move several tons of food yearly
  • we are an ethical, transparent non-profit organization
Would you support us with 1% of your income tax?
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What have we achieved so far?

Each forint counts for the needy. The Hungarian Foodbank can save a considerable amount of surplus food from demolition or disposal using your donated 1% of income tax or just 1000 HUF of your donation. Thanks to our volunteers, our well-functioning logistical background and our ever-growing network of supporters within food production we are able to turn your 1000 HUF donation to 30 000 HUF worth of food given to those in need. 

The Hungarian Food Bank Association is registered under 13571 at the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary among the association that are lincensed to receive donations from 1% of the income tax of individuals. Our Association received 4 586 619 HUF as income tax donations in 2021. We are grateful to all who will support us in 2022 in order to save more surplus food and help more people in need. Thank you!


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