Food Donations

Over 1.8 tons of food is thrown away annually, while thousands of people are starving. Take an action to make your company to take less part in such a waste of values.

In 2019 we transported 11,000 tons of food donation to almost 300,000 in Hungary people via 400 firms, in the value of 7.6 billion Hungarian Forints. Help us to reach even more.

If your agricultural, purveyance or trading company has any food supplies which are consumable, but for any reason cannot be circulated commercially, please, contact us.

Typical examples:

  • Food supplies with close run-off date;
  • Unsellable supplies;
  • Ware with production (for example esthetic) errors (we accept unlabeled products as well, Since we have a labelling capacity too);
  • Products with damaged package (re-labelling is possible too);
  • Ware with transportation or other damages;
  • Charity offers.

Advantages on your side:

  • Cost efficiency: lower storage and waste management costs.
  • Tax reduction: the book value of the food being donated can be fully expensed (tax deductible) and an additional 20% (of the book value) is a tax benefit (i.e.: can be deducted from the tax base). 
  • Reduction of logistics: Hungarian Food Bank Association undertakes the tasks of charity sharing and logistics, therefore it saves resources for the company. Although our job is easier if we are pre-informed about the incoming stocks, our storage can host products even on the day following the notification.
  • Positive inner and outer image: “We work responsively”, “As a responsible food producer/seller we take steps to minimalize our biological footprint”.
  • Motivation for the employees: relaxing feeling for those who regularly saw food ending up in the waste.
  • Minimalizing the environmental effect: saving 2 kg of CO2 emission per kilograms.
  • CSR: concrete, measurable part of CSR/sustainability strategy
  • PR Support: the notifications from the incoming donations are valuable materials for the PR works, with photos on demand. Beside the regular co-operation, we provide opportunities to the companies to appear in our actions with a wide publicity.

How is the donation of your company distributed?

Hungarian Food Bank Association does not give off food to private persons. We make offers and logistic coordination to the contracted charity associations. We work with over 220 association country-wide. The number of our partners is growing year by year, thanks to an open tender, which we publish on our website.

Our partner association:

  • Infantry welfare centers,
  • Family care centers, temporary shelters,
  • Supporters of the homeless, charity shelters,
  • Homes for the elderly,
  • Associations for the disabled.

With more than 10 years of experience and routine of our colleagues, we know which type of food shall be offered to which of our partners (e. g. baby food is offered to places where little children are catered for). In case of supplies with a close run-off date time and distance will decide, and it is also taken into consideration if the association can solve the logistic fast.

How you can make sure that your donations ends up in the right hands?

  • We select our partners by a tender.
  • The associations which contribute in the sharing and the logistics have to reckon with every kilograms of food, which ensures the detection of the donation to the end user.
  • The reports about the sharing are controlled regularly.
  • If it is needed we do on-site supervision
  • Complaints are always supervised
  • We have an up-to-date logistic database
  • We keep all the relevant purveyance regulations.
  • When supplies require cooling, we ensure a refrigeration chain.
  • Our employees and volunteers have health warranties.

The list of our supporters can be viewed here.

If you decided to donate your extra food supplies to the people in need, or you have any further questions, please contact us at or +36 30 486 0940.


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