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The main activity of the Hungarian Food Bank is to seek the edible food that can not be commercialized for some reason, then to organize the transportation, safe storage and distribution of the collected resources. Among the donated food there are aesthetically, e.g. packaging defective products, food products approaching their expiration date, post-season products and other products that are safe for human consumption but the manufacturer or dealer doesn’t want to or can not sell it commercially for any reason. These foods often are destroyed. The Hungarian Food Bank’s aim is to research the most of these kinds of reserves then to deliver to those in needs.

Food Bank doesn't offer direct donations to disadvantaged people, it distributes the collected surplus through charity organizations and governmental institutions which are in daily contact with the needy hereby the Hungarian Food Bank is a „non-profit wholesaler” creating a bridge between the organizations that help the needy and the companies possessing and donating food surplus.

The Hungarian Food Bank has about 550 partner organizations that serve a total of more than 300 000 needy in Hungary. Among our partners there are national organizations such as the Hungarian Red Cross, the National Association of Large Families or the Maltese Charity Service, but there are many smaller partners, foundations or associations operating locally in smaller towns. In many places – especially at countryside – we effectively work together with local governments as well.

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Move for Hungarian Food Bank!

Move for Hungarian Food Bank!

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