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„Give Food a Chance”

Latest surveys show that globally one-third of food produced for human consumption or about 1.3 tons a year are discarded. In Hungary household food waste is estimated at 400 000 tons a year. Food discarded is not only a waste of money but also a severe threat to the environment that increases hunger globally. The Food Bank has started an awareness-raising programme to address this issue.

 „Give Food a Chance” To prevent food from going to waste at the household level, every person and every family needs to help. Waste may only be dramatically reduced preventing the rise of food prices, hunger and damage to the environment if we all cut the quantity of food wasted in our own household.

Only 50 percent of surplus food produced globally could feed the hungry of our world. Food banks around the world are working hard to help reduce food wasted radically and feed those in need.

To address this issue, the Hungarian Food Bank Association has started an awareness-rasing programme named „Give Food a Chance”. Information about the programme is available at

The website contains background information about food waste and useful tips to try at home. A number of practical applications are also available on the website including a shopping list maker and a recipe finder for leftover ingredients and even a game for those interested.

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