JótéKonyha (KitCharity) is a social business project from Hungarian Food Bank Association which offers the following services:

  • comprehensive catering for events
  • organisation of team-building events with a focus on charity cooking

We have experience in running both indoor and outdoor events, and we are happy to take on complete functions and conferences if need be (including finding a venue, detailed arrangements, technical support, etc.)

The profits from KitCharity are used to cover Food Bank running costs, thus providing meals for the needy we support. Each 1000 HUF of profit helps a food donation worth around 30,000 HUF to reach its destination, so when you place an order with us, you not only cater for the guests attending your event, you also contribute to feeding less fortunate people who often go hungry.

Another main feature of our catering service is that we avoid wasting food, which means that while serving the meals we take care to waste the least amount of food possible and also ask our guests to do the same, and on the other hand, the surplus food that is still edible is sent on to the needy after the event.

Using our service therefore means that you are helping to provide a new kind of CSR solution in 3 ways at the same time:

  • directly supporting a decrease in food waste;
  • communicating the company’s socially responsibility to clients and/or employees and helping to change attitudes to this subject;
  • placing an order supports Food Bank operations financially.

Our team has decades of experience in hospitality and event management, and we have all the licences and equipment needed for hosting an event, which is why we are happy to take on even major events.

As a social business, KitCharity is keen on cooperating with more and more suppliers and subcontractors which are also social businesses. We already have some contacts like this and by continuously increasing the number of them we wish to create a business ecosystem that serves social causes to the greatest possible extent. 


Contact us, if

  • You are holding a conference, family day or another company event where you require a catering service or even full-scale organisation of the function
  • You are considering a team-building or voluntary event for a larger group of people (more than 50) which could involve cooking together, partly for themselves and partly for people in need (if there is an even larger group, other gifts also could be put together)

Contact: Balázs Cseh,, (+36) 20 468 9593

Our clients (at the same time our supporters) who have already made use of our JótéKonyha catering service in some form or other:

  • Accor-Pannonia Hotels Ltd.
  • Affidea Hungary
  • Allianz Hungary Ltd.
  • Alteo Group
  • ArtMarket Exhibition
  • Baker McKenzie Law Firm
  • Bonduelle
  • Borsodi Bewery Ltd.
  • Budapest Sport Office
  • Citibank
  • CPI Hungary
  • Dell
  • Diageo
  • Díjnet Zrt.
  • Erste Bank Zrt
  • Fitout Zrt
  • Flow Group
  • Investum - Tiger
  • K&H Bank Zrt.
  • Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation
  • Microsoft Hungary
  • NIOK Foundation (Civil Award Gala )
  • OTP Bank
  • PwC Hungary
  • SAP
  • TESCO-Globál Áruházak Zrt
  • Twickel-Zichy Mária Terézia Foundation (Good Service Award Gala) 
  • Vodafone
  • Well Reklám és PR Agency

We hope to welcome your Company as a client of KitCharity in the near future!


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