i-REXFO is an innovative development and business model that aims at reducing food waste through a holistic approach, optimising communication and involving all players (stakeholders) in the food cycle (production, distribution, use, end-of-life).

The i-REXFO project aims at demonstrating that food waste can be reduced through an innovative business model that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

i-REXFO is based on an integrated model, in which expired food to energy (EFE) valorisation supports the Reduction of Expired Food (REF) chain.

The project focuses on food waste produced by the food industry and farms, large-scale distribution, the catering industry (hotels, restaurants, bars, HORECA), and consumers. It does so through measures that reduce food waste and increase waste-to-energy valorisation.

Based on the good practices in Europe (Denmark), i-REXFO has developed open-source software to plan and optimise the integrated model from a technical, economic, and environmental point of view.

The i-REXFO model raises the awareness of consumers and operators in the large-scale distribution and HORECA sectors; promotes the sale and use of food that is near its expiration date, less aesthetically pleasing, and increases donations of surplus food to charities and food banks. These measures are backed by the collection and use of expired food for the production of biogas in anaerobic digestion plants, which use the resulting digestate as a fertiliser, thereby completing the cycle.

For more information please visit the i-REXFO project website.



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