Adoption Program for companies: Support a region of Hungary!

Food surplus for the needy!

Within the frame of the Adoption program, we are looking for such responsible corporations, entrepreneurs, companies who wish to take steps to the improve circumstances of needy in their close ambience or in a region which is specially important to them, and this way decrease the number of people in need. Choose a region of Hungary to help people in need!

What do you contribute to when you join the program as a Supporter?

The Hungarian Foodbank Association collects the food surplus in Hungary. We save the food and we give it to the needy in the whole country through our partner organizations (NGO-s, local governments) in every region of our country. This way we have the possibility to help more people in need with more frequent donations in the supported area. Also, we help the supporters donating exactly in the region which is the most important for them.

Adopt a region of Hungary!


Why is it good for your company?

Within the frame of the "Adoption program" your company will be officially the Supporter of the chosen region.

The recognition of your support:

  • Our Association gives a certificate about the amount of donation, which decreases the tax base with 120%
  • We promote your company’s name and logo on our website, as official “Adopter” of a region in Hungary.
  • We communicate the program through our channel
  • We send you a "Food Bank Official Adopter" Certificate that you can use for communication purposes
  • We send a yearly report about the adopted region which is tangible, easy to communicate (kg-s of food donated, number of people in need helped, photo documentation).
  • With the program you can easily inform you partners and customers about your responsible working

With the help of our program you can inform easily your partners and clients about the social responsibility and the responsible company policy.  

Why to choose the Adoption Program?

The Hungarian Foodbank Association transfers the food to the needy through charitable partner organizations. This way if you support the Foodbank, you support more charitable organizations and effectivly reach more people in need.

The Hungarian Foodbank Association does not buy the food, we accept them as donations from manufacturers, dealers, supermarkets etc. That’s why with 30 $ cost (transfer, storage, logistics) we give the value of 700 - 1000 $ food to the table of the needy. This method of support gives you the possibility to multiply the value of your donation.

How much money can be offered?

The minimum amount for the Adoption Program is 1700 € there is no upper limit. Your support is an annual donation, the program works permanently, the adoption is renewable every year.

Where can I find more information?

You can choose from all regions of Hungary. The Hungarian Foodbank Association through the partner organizations covers the whole country. Smallest adoptable area is a county.

Do good so that others can eat!


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