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Hungarian Food Bank Association
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Organisation, operation

Daily operations

The delivery of thousands of tons of food to people in need every year involves complex logistics. Through the years, we have developed a logistic infrastructure to support the appropriate reception, storage and handover of food supplies. Our headquarters and our main warehouse are located in district 17 in Budapest and the distribution of food during the EU Food Aid Program was supported by two more warehouses in Szigetszentmiklós and Vésztő (in Békés county). 

HFB warehouseFood supplies are shipped to and from the warehouse on a daily basis throughout the year and volunteers are often involved in the preparation of deliveries. We have built strong relationships with public administration bodies related to the activities of the association to insure appropriate management of legal and food hygiene matters including labelling, inspection, packaging, marketing, etc.

The Food bank does not directly distribute food to deprived persons but collaborates with 325 charitable partner organisations, municipalities and local institutions that are in direct daily contact with these people.


Volunteers are at the heart of the Association’s activities. The key operational activities including corporate liaisoning, project organisation, communications, fundraising and all other development activities are managed by a team of 20 volunteer workers. Our team is constantly growing and new applicants with management or project management experience are warmly welcome.

Daily operations are supported by an administrative team of 10 employees and also by volunteers as the monitoring of the delivery of food to end users requires massive paperwork and constant control that could not be managed without the help of volunteers.

Volunteers are also involved in warehouse processes. Hundreds of volunteers help us pack and box tons of food every year. Before Christmas, when we have food collection campaigns in retail stores, thousands of committed volunteers help us for one and a half days distribute as many donations as possible for the Christmas holidays.

István Fodor
Arany János Children’s Home - Director
’Seek always to do some good, somewhere... Even if it's a little thing, do something for those that need help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it’ - that's what the Hungarian Food Bank Association does day by day in a completely unselfish manner.