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Hungarian Food Bank Association
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Food Bank in Hungary

Who we are


We're searching surplus food to pass it for the needy.


We achieve, that the players of the food chain -with or without the Food Bank- offer the surplus food for the needy instead of eliminating it. 

The Hungarian Food Bank Association is a non-profit
organization that works to make a link between surplus food and people in need in Hungary in order to help reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

The Hungarian Food Bank Association started its work in September 2005, and became a full-fledged member of the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) in 2006.

What we do

Since our foundation:

  • we distributed 50 000 tons of food worth over 99,3 million $ (25 billion HUF)
  • to more than 300 000 people in need
  • in partnership with almost 350 non-governmental organizations and municipalities 

With the help of our volunteers

  • we find and collect surplus food about to be discarded in retail stores, factories and process plants
  • we donate these products to specialist charities and local institutions

Our core activities include:

  • non-profit wholesale
  • express distribution of surplus food from supermarkets 

We do not offer direct donations to individuals, only to local organizations.

Our results

In 2017 the Hungarian Food Bank Association delivered almost 9300 tons of food donations in Hungary,  to more than 300,000 people, including the result of our Christmas collect (236 tons).

One of our key principles is that we receive and provide food free of charge. Our other important principle is political, religious and ideological independence.

What we offer

to charities:

  • we support them with food donations for free of charge, helping their acitivites and budget,
  • we are more effective to save food from the manufacturers in the name of more charities,
  • we help them in the logistics: storage, transfer of food donation 

to food manufacturers:

  • we help them with food saving, logistics, and sharing the saved food to the charities
  • giving the food surplus to the food bank the companies don't have to spend money on storage, transfer and food destruction
  • tax benefits
  • we garantee the appropriate storage and transfer circumstances of saved food
  • PR goals for the companies 

Our results in numbers

Since our foundation we distributed 50 000 tons of food to charites. We reached  more than 300 000 people in need with the partnership of 350 non-governmental organizations and municipalities. The value of the saved and distributed food was 99,3 million $ (25 billion HUF).

Gondoskodó Szeretetszolgálat
Thanks for your efforts in the struggle against starving as the Berettyóújfalu County Sponsor of Hajdú-Bihar province.