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Hungarian Food Bank Association
A bit of help is welcome everywhere!
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Individual donors

If you think it is important to reduce malnutrition and hunger in Hungary and to give surplus food to the needy instead of discarding it, help us continue to link the needy and donor companies with surplus food.

Donate with your Bank Card

Use your bank card as the quickest and easiest way to place your donation through the following website.
Donate with your Bank Card

Regular transfer

In case you want to help us on a regular basis, click here. You can donate by credit card or through your PayPal account.
Regular transfer

Send your donation to our bank account

Become a regular sponsor! Even 1000 HUF donation covers the supply for many needy people. Transfer your donation to our bank account or place a standing order.
Send your donation to our bank account

Support us with 1% of your income tax

Why us? – we collect surplus food from producers and distributors, - we save products with an approaching expiration date from becoming waste on a daily basis, - we provide food for app. 300 000 people in need with the help of hundreds of NGOs and municipalities, - we move more than 2600 tons of food yearly, - we are an ethical, transparent non-profit organization.
Support us with 1% of your income tax

Donate by phone

You can donate 250 HUF in the most convenient way by either dialing the phone number 13600 and subsequently giving the code 01 or texting the code 01 to the same phone number 13600.
Donate by phone

Donation calculator

Examples how much your donation worths:
1000 HUF = 380 yoghurts saved
2000 HUF = 36 packages of 8 lb food packages
5000 HUF = one thermo box buying
Donation calculator
Mrs. Péter Csipák
Fészek Child Protection Association - President, foster parent
The help we receive from the Hungarian Food Bank Association is always consistent, fair and neatly organized that is invaluable for our foster families and the inhabitants of our temporary children’s home.