Send your donation to our bank account

The quickest way of donation is to directly transfer your support to our bank account. You can support us by a single donation or by regular transfers to frequently support our work.

Our bank account number: 10700024-66676548-51100005

Name: Hungarian Foodbank Association
Address: H-1172 Budapest, 3 Lokátor street, Hungary
Country code: HUNGARY (HUN)
Name of the bank: CIB Bank Zrt. Address: H-1027 Budapest, 4-14 Medve street, Hungary. 
Bank country code: HUNGARY (HUN)
IBAN: HU69 1070 0024 6667 6548 5110 0005
Swift code: CIBHHUHB

Please, give us your e-mail address at the transfer so that we can inform you about the use of your donation!

Some examples of how much your donation is worth:

  • 1 000 HUF (3.7 USD, 3,2 EUR) = saving 380 cups of yoghurt
  • 2 000 HUF (7.4 USD, 6.4 EUR) = compiling and distributing 36 food packages (3,5-4 kg each) to families in need
  • 6 000 HUF (17 USD, 16 EUR) = price of a thermobox which means that we can distribute 50 portions of warm food per occasion
  • 10 000 HUF (34 USD, 32 EUR) = weekly running cost of our refrigerated container out of which we distribute about 1 million HUF worth of dairy and meat per week
  • 80 000 HUF (173 USD, 164 EUR) = transportation of a full truck of food (about 1000 packages) to a village in a deprived area

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