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EU Food Aid Programme

EU Food Aid PorgrammeThe EU-financed EU Food Aid Programme is managed by the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency. The programme has been designed to insure „ the supply of food from intervention stocks for the benefit of the most deprived persons in the community”.

A part of the EU’s intervention stocks of agricultural products is used for charitable cause by making barter agreements with food companies to process raw materials – mostly grains, sugar and skimmed milk powder – donated under the programme. These food products are distributed by charitable organisations.

Hungary has been receiving food under the EU food aid programme since 2006 that is distributed to needy families by aid organizations including the Hungarian Food Bank Association commissioned by the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency. In 2012, 496 000 people living in 735 villages and towns around Hungary received food under the programme.

Our association has not only been involved in the development and implementation of the programme but also participates in the EU-wide consultation process representing the European Federation of Food Banks that focuses on the lessons learnt from and the future prospects of the intervention aid programme.

Program is temporarily suspended since 2013.

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