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Food Avalanche

Food AvalancheWe launched our „Food Avalanche” project in 2008. The programme involves the collaboration of several organisations that produce food for the needy in a sequence.

The first „snowballs” in the avalanche are provided each year by our key sponsor, Syngenta Kft. in the form of products (seeds, pesticides) worth HUF 10 million.

The project has two parts. The „corporate branch” of the avalanche is the cooperation of companies in the food industry where each company offers its value-added contribution to produce food free of charge related to their specific line of business. To make the „snowball” grow larger, agricultural producers are needed that offer agricultural product in exchange for seeds and pesticides that is worth more because of their contribution. In the next phase, food processing companies receive this product and offer processed food in exchange that is worth even more.

By the end of the process, the first „snowball” worth HUF 10 million becomes a „food avalanche” worth HUF 30 million. The last step in the process is the transportation and the distribution of these products to the needy coordinated by the Food Bank.

Food Avalanche operating mechanism

In the „farmers’ branch” of the avalanche, the food from the seeds is produced by the needy themselves who are physically fit for work, coordinated by NGOs and local governments that most importantly insure the availability of land for farming. The primary objective of the project is to help these local communities use the initial support to jointly produce food (vegetables) for people in need in the community and the secondary goal is make these people able to produce their own food based on the experience gained during the project.

The donations to the organisations include vegetable seeds and pesticides to protect crop. Applicants are required to use these donations to produce food (vegetables), to involve the potential recipients physically fit for work in the production process and to distribute the food produced to people who need it.

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